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Fan Lamination High Speed Press
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Product: Views:124Fan Lamination High Speed Press 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2019-03-29 19:42

Product Introduction:

● Howfit Fan lamination high speed press maintain a stable and efficiency function of stamping Stator and Rotor of Ceiling Fan and Air Conditioners, Lamination (for Servo Motor, Plastic Sealing Motor, Household Appliances, Power Tools, Home Automation, Geared Motors, Air Conditioner Compressor Motor, Refrigerator Compressor, Automobile Motor, Fan Motor, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Washing Machine Motor, Starter Motor, Engine Cooling Motor, Sunroof Motor, Shaded Pole Motor, HVAC Motor, Electric Turbo Motor, ABS Motor, Tubular Motor, DC Inverter Motor, Segmented, Universal Motor, E-type, Alternator Starter Core, Electric Power Motor ASM, Electric Power Steering Motor PSM) in large tonnage press area for years with reliable manufacturing experience, scientific engineers team, the positive market feedback and faithful clients.

● Crank Shaft Oil-way Inner Loop is designed to resist Crank Shaft thermal deformation.

● Adopting NSK bearing, Self-own unique technology controls the clearance.

● Fitting guidance of steel balls ensure the vertical precision stable.

● Compact and reasonable structure.Tie Rod and Slide guidance Integration Slide guided by the steel ball with high precision.

● Hydraulic Locked Tie rod with long-term stability.

● Dynamic Balance:Professional analysis software plus years of industry experience;realize the stability of high-speed pressing.

● Separated Brake & Clutch (DDH): Two-sides setting balanced the force and reduced the Abrasion of Crank Shaft.

● Adjustable Washer restore equipment accuracy with minimum cost.

Motor fan is a kind of motor with fan hub and blade. There are uniform grooves along the outer circumference of the fan hub. The blades are inserted in the groove. The permanent connection methods such as welding and bonding make the blade and the fan hub become one. The motor fan has good overall balance, saves the time needed for adjusting the balance, and reduces the weight by more than 30% compared with the bolted fan. The vibration and noise of the motor running with the utility model are reduced.


Press products:

Product Parameter:

Model: DDH-220T

Brand: Howfit

Accuracy: JIS Special Grade

Price: Negotiation.

Nominal press capacity: 220 Tons

Capacity occur point: 3.2 mm

Stroke: 30mm

Stroke per minute: 150-600 s.p.m

Bolster area: 2000×950 mm

Bed opening: 1400×250 mm

Slide Area: 2000×700 mm

Die height adjustment stroke: 50 mm

Die height adjustment motor: 1.5 kw

Linear height: 200±15

Main motor: 45 kw

Total weight: 40 Tons

Outline Dimension: 3060×1940×4505 mm

Standard Configuration:

1. Electric Die Height Adjusting Equipment

2. Digital Die Height Indicator( 0.01mm ) & Angle Indicator

3. Micro Inching Function, Single Stroke Function, Specified Angle Stop Function, Continuous Function

4. Slide Stop Position Setting 0°&90° in Continuous Operation

5. Slide Protection Plate

6. Six Sets Batch Control

7. Two Sets Skew Controller

8. Two Sets Mis-feeding Function

9. Hydraulic Slide Locking Device

10. Hydraulic Tie Rod Locking

11. Hydraulic Die Lifter & Die Arms

12. Lubricant Cooling Device

13. Independent Electric Cabinet Maintenance Tool Box

14. Positive and Negative Rotation of Main Motor

15. Separated Type Clutch/Brake

16. Anti-Vibration Mounts

17. Work Light

Our company:

Production equipment:

Testing equipment:

Our customer:


Question: Is Howfit A Press Machine manufacturer or a Machine trader?

Answer: Howfit Science and Technology CO., LTD. is a Press Machine manufacturer which specializes in Fan lamination high speed press production and sales with an occupation of 15,000 m² for 15 years. We also provides Fan lamination high speed press customization service to satisfy your specific requirements.

Question: Is it convenient to visit your company?

Answer: Yes, Howfit locates in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, the South of China, where is nearby the main highroad, metro lines, transportation center, links to the downtown and suburbia, airport, railway station and convenient to visit.

Question: How many countries had you been successfully made a deal with?

Answer: Howfit had been successfully made a deal with Russian Federation, Bangladesh, Republic of India, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the United Mexican States, The Republic of Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and etc for so far.

Question: What is the tonnage range of Howfit High Speed Press?

Answer: Howfit had produced Fan lamination high speed press that covers the capacity range of 16 to 630 Tonnage. We had a professional engineer team for research and development in invention, production and after-service.

Shipping And Serving:

1. Global Customer Service Sites:

① China:Dongguan City and Foshan City of Guangdong Province, Changzhou city of Jiangsu Province,Qingdao city of Shandong Province, Wenzhou city and Yuyao city of Zhejiang Province, Tianjin Municipality,Chongqing Municipality.

② India: Delhi, Faridabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru

③ Bangladesh: Dhaka

④ The Republic of Turkey: Istanbul

⑤ Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Islamabad

⑥ Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

⑦ Russian Federation: Moscow

2. We provide the on-site service in commissioning test and operation training by sending engineers.

3. We provide free replacement for the faulty machine parts during the warranty period.

4. We guarantee the solution would be given within 12 hours if malfunction come up to our machine.

What is the difference between Fan lamination high speed press Machine and ordinary Press Machine? In many mechanical industries, Press is an indispensable tool for mould / lamination production. There are a lot of types and models of presses. Therefore, what are the differences between High Speed Presses and ordinary presses? Is it the speed differed these two? Is high-speed better than ordinary?What is the difference between high speed press and ordinary punch? Mainly the difference of High-speed Press is its precision, strength, speed, system stability & construction operation. The Fan lamination high speed press are more specific and high-standard than the ordinary punch, and high requirements. But is not a high speed punching machine than ordinary punching machine. During the purchasing, it also depends on the application, if the stamping speed is under 200 strock per minute, then you might choose ordinary punching machine or more affordable. Here are the main differences between Fan lamination high speed press and ordinary punch.