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High Speed Lamination Press Line
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Product: Views:125High Speed Lamination Press Line 
Unit price: Negotiable
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Last updated: 2019-06-11 07:18

Although the investment of traditional manual production line is relatively small in the initial stage of construction, with the expansion of market demand, its inherent shortcomings such as low efficiency and poor product quality stability increasingly affect the development of enterprises. High speed lamination press line can just solve these problems. Higher production efficiency, stable product quality and lower unit production costs under large-scale production conditions are just the advantages of automatic stamping production line, especially for the production of large body panels, these advantages are more prominent. Therefore, in the early stage of large stamping production line planning, the main engine factories will directly consider the use of automation.

Linear composition

Generally including High speed lamination press and automation system, here mainly talk about the automation part. Stamping automation system usually includes palletizing system, automatic transmission system and line tail discharging system.

Palletizing system

A complete set of High speed lamination press line and palletizing system mainly includes two track mobile loading trolleys (each loading trolley is equipped with 4-8 movable adjustable magnetic force distributors, usually permanent magnet, for sheet metal separation), palletizer (manipulator or robot), conveyor (mostly magnetic belt conveyor), sheet metal cleaner.( Options, sheet oiler (options), sheet alignment and control system.

When the loading cart loads the pallets (which may include pallets) from the palletizing position to the palletizing position, the sheets are picked up by the palletizer from the palletizing position and sent to the center platform through the conveyor through the cleaner and oiler. After the sheet metal is positioned in the center, the post-sequential stamping production can be started.

Automatic transmission system

The automatic transmission system is used for the transportation and transmission of blanks or workpieces between different processes. There are two kinds of transmission mechanism: manipulator and robot.

With the continuous progress of stamping automation technology, the form of automatic transmission mechanism of manipulator is changing with each passing day. The form difference of automatic transmission mechanism is also the main difference of different forms of stamping automatic line nowadays. At the end of last century, the widely used parallel quadrilateral manipulator structure has been phased out, replaced by high-speed, stable single-arm or double-arm transverse bar transmission mechanism. The transmission mechanism of Robobeam in Gudel, Switzerland, Speedbar in former MW in Germany and H*TL system in Komatsu, Japan are typical representatives of the transmission mechanism of high-speed stamping automatic line, as shown in Figure 3.

In addition, due to its unique characteristics, the robot transmission mode still has some application space in the old line reconstruction and production line with low speed and less investment.

Line tail discharge system

The discharging system of line tail consists of discharging conveyor belt, lighting, workpiece inspection table, manual or automatic packing mechanism and control system, etc. The main task is to convey the finished stamping parts to the appropriate location for easy packing (or automatic packing), and to provide conditions for stamping parts detection.

Product Introduction:

● Howfit High speed lamination press line maintain a stable and efficiency function of stamping Stator and Rotor of Air Conditioners, Lamination (for Servo Motor, Plastic Sealing Motor, Household Appliances, Power Tools, Home Automation, Automobile Motor, Ventilation, Refrigeration, Washing Machine Motor, Starter Motor, Engine Cooling Motor, Sunroof Motor, Shaded Pole Motor, HVAC Motor, Electric Turbo Motor, ABS Motor, Tubular Motor, Non-uniform Section, Universal Motor, U-type, E-type, Window Lift Motor, Front Wiper System Motor, Rear Wiper System Motor) in middle 80 tonnage press area for years with reliable manufacturing experience, scientific engineers team, the positive market feedback and faithful clients.

● The machine structure contains separated clutch and brake on the both sides of casting crown for safety guarantee.

Stamping Products:

AC motor、DC motor、Motor iron core、EI lamination、Electric motor、motor core、Ceiling fan、industrial motor、pump motor、servo motor、BLDC motor.

Electronic connector、precision lead frame、lighter hood、phone shield cover、metal button、bicycle chain roller link、EI laminations、hole mesh、Eyelet button、Prong snap button、Brass button.


Press products:

Product Parameter:

Brand: Howfit

Accuracy: JIS Special Grade

Price: Negotiation.

Nominal press capacity: 85 Tons

Capacity occur point: 2.0 mm

Stroke: 30mm

Stroke per minute: 150-700 s.p.m

Bolster area: 1100×750 mm

Bed opening: 800×150 mm

Slide Area: 1100×500 mm

Die height adjustment stroke: 50 mm

Die height adjustment motor: 0.75 kw

Linear height: 175±15

Main motor: 22 kw

Total weight: 18 Tons

Outline Dimension: 2180×1680×3405 mm

Standard Configuration:

1. Electric Die Height Adjusting Equipment

2. Digital Die Height Indicator( 0.01mm ) & Angle Indicator

3. Micro Inching Function, Single Stroke Function, Specified Angle Stop Function, Continuous Function

4. Slide Stop Position Setting 0°&90° in Continuous Operation

5. Slide Protection Plate

6. Six Sets Batch Control

7. Two Sets Skew Controller

8. Two Sets Mis-feeding Function

9. Hydraulic Slide Locking Device

10. Hydraulic Tie Rod Locking

11. Hydraulic Die Lifter & Die Arms

12. Lubricant Cooling Device

13. Independent Electric Cabinet Maintenance Tool Box

14. Positive and Negative Rotation of Main Motor

15. Separated Type Clutch/Brake

16.  Anti-Vibration Mounts

17. Work Light

Our company:

Production equipment:

Testing equipment:

Our customer:


Question: Is Howfit A Press Machine manufacturer or a Machine trader?

Answer: Howfit Science and Technology CO., LTD. is a Press Machine manufacturer which specializes in High Speed Press production and sales with an occupation of 15,000 m² for 15 years. We also provides high speed press machine customization service to satisfy your specific requirements.

Question: Is it convenient to visit your company?

Answer: Yes, Howfit locates in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, the South of China, where is nearby the main highroad, metro lines, transportation center, links to the downtown and suburbia, airport, railway station and convenient to visit.

Question: How many countries had you been successfully made a deal with?

Answer: Howfit had been successfully made a deal with Russian Federation, Bangladesh, Republic of India, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the United Mexican States, The Republic of Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of Pakistan and etc for so far.

Question: What is the tonnage range of Howfit High Speed Press?

Answer: Howfit had produced High Speed Presses that covers the capacity range of 16 to 630 Tonnage. We had a professional engineer team for research and development in invention, production and after-service.

Question: What if I want to purchase a complete High Speed Press Stamping Line?

Answer: Howfit offer a complete High Speed Press Stamping Line for your selection and we provide professional advice and personalized solution for your requirements.

The Speed. The general speed of ordinary presses is below 110~200 spm. The speed of high speed press is generally above 200-1100 stroke per minutes, which leads to the higher the speed it is, the higher the efficiency it is. Ordinary presses have slow transmission speed, uncontrollable travel and low efficiency.

The Fuselage Materials. The body material of high-speed punching machine is made of high brand and high strength casting iron, which has been stress relieving and tempering and natural aging treatment.

Control Mode. Commonly, there are manual, foot step and numerical control for press machine’s control mode. High speed presses are CNC, automatic feeding, specially equipped with dynamic balance and balancer.